"A breed of satin and steel. Pit bulls are a mixture of softness and strength, an uncanny canine combination of fun, foolishness, and serious business, all wrapped up in love."

-D. Caroline Coile

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mason, the Pit Bull on wheels

A Pit Bull On My Pillow

Authored by Cathy Klein Nakayama
A children's picture book of pit bull type dogs, most rescued, in sleepytime poses; including some tips about dog care, for fun, to encourage responsible dog ownership, and to get kids who love dogs in the mood for sleep !! Also to help change the bad rap pit bulls have in today's society. Inside the book you will see that they are LOVERS not FIGHTERS !!! By working to change the bad rap it is hoped that more pit bulls will make it out of the shelters and be adopted into loving homes. Callie Pibble, the coverdog, was rescued from a South Carolina shelter. She is now a Canine Good Citizen, and is studying to be a Therapy Dog now, at Paws4Ever in Mebane, North Carolina. She wears her CGC vest proudly in public while she acts as a Pit Bull Ambassador to the world. Also on the cover is Callie's rescued rabbit, Chocolate Kiss; the two adore each other.

Profits from this book go directly to Carolina Care Bullies, a North Carolina pit bull rescue

To read more about the book, click here.

Slideshow of the author and the cover dog

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Silly Layla

Outside playing with my frisbee. Mom took a picture of me because she thought I looked funny.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Dog fighting is an atrocious and cruel underground "sport". It was once considered aristocratic and was embraced by medieval societies. It continued on through colonial and Victorian times. It is now against the law in the United States. Even with laws in place it has reached epidemic proportions and thrives in almost all areas of society - urban, rural, impoverished, rich - and it's participants range from street thugs to sitting judges. Street gangs use the barbaric sport to desensitize children to violence and speed their introduction to gang life. Often they will be given a dog to care for only to have it thrown in the ring so they can watch it be torn apart. They become so conditioned to this that it becomes normal to them. Law enforcement is starting to take dogfighting more seriously the more apparent it has become that with dogfighting there is usually gambling, guns, and drugs.

Very often random dogs will be stolen from yards and used as "bait" to train the fighters. They will usually have their muzzles duct taped so they can't defend themselves and the dog being trained will be allowed to attack at will. It's not unusual for cats to be used as well, sometimes hung from a tree in a pillowcase. With larger breeds it's not unusual for the "trainers" to break a limb on the bait dog to leave it even more vulnerable. Dogs are trained from a very young age to develop their "gameness". The dogs are often beaten, starved, drugged, and constantly antagonized to promote aggression toward other dogs. Some types of equipment used in training might be a treadmill, heavy chains to build chest muscles, weights to hang from necks, springpoles, etc. Many "dogmen" also use growth hormones on the dogs. Once trained they will be pitted against a stronger dog to test their gameness.

Fights can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours. They are held in "pits" that are generally about 14 feet by 20 feet and constructed out of wood. Rules depend on the level of the match. In street fighting anything can go while rules are strictly adhered to in upper levels. The match ends when a dog dies or quits, is pulled by the handler, the dog jumps out of the pit, or there is a raid by police. Dogs that quit are usually killed. Killing the loser can be done by a gunshot to the head or, when the owner takes the loss more personally, in far more brutal ways. Dogs have been found electrocuted, drowned, beaten to death, and burned to death. Some of these methods were witnessed in the Michael Vick case.

The sport is barbaric. Violence begets violence. These animals are trained to fight through horrific methods. Puppies are often kicked and beaten then thrown at another dog. These dogs don't ask to fight but it is in the nature of the pit bull to do anything to please its master. These dogs fight through unimaginable pain, often with broken limbs, half their faces torn away, but when they hear the voice of their master you can see their tails wag. They only want to make humans happy. What kind of human being does this to a dog? Takes this kind of advantage of unquestioning loyality and love?
This picture was found on a dogfighting site. This is the life of a fighting dog.

Other websites to visit:

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hector the Therapy Dog

Hector, a former Michael Vick pit bull, and handler Stacy Coleman visited Good Day New York.

After being rescued for the horrific world of dog fighting, Hector is a now therapy dog. Hector's rescue and how the Animal Farm Foundation was able to train this lucky dog is an incredible story.
For more information on the rescue and rehab center for dogs you can check out:
Animal Farm Foundation


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman, Child from Attacker

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- The wandering 65-pound Pit Bull mix might have seemed menacing to some passerby, but one woman will always remember him as her "guardian angel."
The dog, which authorities think is lost and not a stray, successfully thwarted a robbery attack on a mother and her 2-year-old son, who were held at knifepoint Monday afternoon.
The Florida woman, who has been identified by authorities simply as "Angela," was leaving a playground with her toddler son in Port Charlotte when a man approached her in the parking lot with a knife and told her not to make any noise or sudden movements.
Angela didn't have to do either to protect herself and her child -- a dog mysteriously ran to the scene and charged the man, who quickly fled.
"I don't think the dog physically attacked the man, but he went at him and was showing signs of aggression, just baring his teeth and growling and barking. It was clear he was trying to defend this woman," Animal Control Lt. Brian Jones told Pet Pulse.
"I don't know what this man's intentions were, but it is very possible this dog saved her life."
The exceptional part of the story, Jones said, is that the dog had never met or even seen the people it quickly jumped to defend.
"You hear about family dogs protecting their owners, but this dog had nothing to do with this woman or her kid," Jones said. "He was like her guardian angel."
After the alleged thief ran away, Angela quickly placed her son, Jordan, in the car and tried to drive off. Before she could, though, the dog jumped into her backseat, waiting with her for the police and animal control officers to arrive at the scene.
The dog was transported to a local shelter and if his owners don't step forward within five days, Jones said, Angela and her family plan to adopt the savior she named "Angel."
Animal control officers and shelter workers believe Angel is lost, and not a stray, because of his good health, sturdy weight and mild temperament.
"It's funny, that someone's irresponsibility could have saved someone's life," Jones said of Angel's possible owners.
For Angela, it doesn't matter where the dog came from, just that he was there when she needed him most.
"I don't know what his [the thief's] intentions were -- I don't know why he did it, but I'm glad that -- we call him Angel -- I'm glad that Angel showed up because I don't know what would have happened," Angela told NBC2 News.
Officers from the responding county sheriff's office canvased the area and were unable to locate the suspect described as being in his 20s, tall and dark haired.

Pet Pulse reporter Amy Lieberman and NBC-2.com contributed to this article.
Article from: http://www.zootoo.com/petnews/straydogsaveswomanchildheldatk-993

Monday, April 5, 2010

American Pit Bull Terriers

Their love is like no other; their heart is pure as gold.
Yet while going on a friendly walk, they're faced with stares of cold.
They're so very close to human, in how they act and what they do
Unless you've known their devoted love, it's impossible to explain to you.
They are greatly more MISUNDERSTOOD than any other breed.
We tend to punish this loyal dog, instead of mankind's deeds.
They are always and forever clowns, with a wish for center stage.
Yet while displaying this sense of humor, most people disengage.
They, oh, so want to make new friends, and run and jump and play.
yet when they happily approach, most people shy away.
Often I've seen children poke, or hop on for a ride.
And when I felt they might get mad, they've only beamed with pride.
I've seen these children yank and pull, with nary a reaction.
Yet media's not interested, unless they've put someone in traction.
They love to snuggle up real close, to give lots of loves and kisses.
Yet they suffer more than any, from unfair prejudices.
What animal do I speak of, whose love is so unique?
If you've truly known one, you know of whom I speak.
There is no creature on this earth who will ever make you merrier.
The animal I do speak of, it's the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Patty Letawsky

Sunday, April 4, 2010