"A breed of satin and steel. Pit bulls are a mixture of softness and strength, an uncanny canine combination of fun, foolishness, and serious business, all wrapped up in love."

-D. Caroline Coile

Monday, August 30, 2010

Callie's Story

The story of a pit bull who was picked up as a stray by animal control in South Carolina, and ended up on death row at a shelter. Volunteers at the shelter are successful in getting the word out on Callie. She is rescued by a woman from North Carolina, becomes a "foster failure" and ultimately becomes a Canine Good Citizen as well as a Delta Society certified Therapy Dog. This book is an exclusive fundraiser for Carolina Care Bullies, a North Carolina pit bull rescue with which the author, Cathy Klein Nakayama, is a volunteer.

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All royalties from this book ( $5.67 per book) go to Carolina Care Bullies to help save pit bulls !!!

Authored by Cathy Klein Nakayama
About the author:
Cathy has been rescuing animals for years. She is the mother of three grown children : Edward, Jeffrey, and Jennifer ~ and mom and foster mom past and present - of many fur children, including dogs, rabbits and a horse. She is a registered nurse with six years of Cardiology Nurse Practitioner experience, having received her Masters in the Science of Nursing from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in 2004. She was laid off from her position as a Nurse Practitioner in February of 2010 and while she continues to try to find employment she decided to write another book. Her first book , A Pit Bull On My Pillow is an enormous hit with the "pit bull as a treasured family member" loving crowd. Cathy is a National Anthem Singer and acoustic guitarist and enjoys singing at bluegrass/country/folk jams. She also enjoys speaking French, and horseback riding. Cathy rescued a black labrador retriever (Bailey Bigglesworth) and a chocolate colored pit bull (Callie Pibble) from shelters 2009, to add to her family. Since then she's become active in pit bull rescue, having grown to know first hand what precious, loveable souls they are. She is a volunteer for Carolina Care Bullies and her book royalties go to them to help with rescued pit bulls. She hopes this book will show what wonderful dogs shelter dogs as well as shelter pit bulls are and can be, with appropriate, responsible ownership. She also strives to help change the image of misunderstood pit bulls everywhere, so that more will make it out of the shelters into loving homes. She also wants to help fight breed specific legislation by educating the public on what this precious breed is capable of. In addition, as a Nurse Practitioner, Cathy appreciates well the benefits of pet therapy for sick patients and enjoys spreading the word about how important pets are for both physical and psychological health.


  1. thanks so much for posting my book !!! it is such a joy parenting a pit bull daughter like Callie !! we are enjoying seeing children at UNC hospitals in chapel hill NC on pediatrics. Callie has learned her role so quickly and knows exactly how to approach children with varying degrees of illness/mobility etc. the children feed her cheerios with their fingers which she takes so carefully and sweetly. a more loving, precious dog i cannot imagine.. thanks for spreading the word on how great pit bulls are when treated lovingly and appropriately. cathy nakayama, book author

  2. I met Callie at my first pit bull awareness day and it was love at first sight.

  3. I am a Pit Bull "Mom" and foster. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate this book and Cathy. This breed deserves so much more than it's been given but now, slowly, the tide seems to be turning back in their favour. Give love a chance and hug a Pit Bull!

  4. I just got a copy of Callie's Story. It's absolutely adorable and heartwarming and once again the royalties are going to help pit bulls in need. Do yourself a favor and pick this up for your own enjoyment and also for anyone you want to educate on how wonderful these dogs are.