"A breed of satin and steel. Pit bulls are a mixture of softness and strength, an uncanny canine combination of fun, foolishness, and serious business, all wrapped up in love."

-D. Caroline Coile

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pit Bull Thwarts Home Invasion Attempt

When the Boltz family adopted the deaf Pit Bull, they knew that she would provide them with wonderful companionship. What they didn't know was that the newly adopted dog would save their house, perhaps even their lives.

Just weeks after adopting the deaf dog, someone attempted to break into the family's home in the middle of the night. They first attempted to access the home through a cellar door, breaking a chain. They eventually smashed a window and kicked in a door.

A brazen, bold attack on an innocent, sleeping family. But there was a surprise in store for these would-be robbers. Inside of the home, they were met by a 165 lb Great Dane, and the family's newly adopted deaf Pit Bull, Dolly.

The family heard the commotion and they were able to call their senior Great Dane back, but the deaf Pit Bull, unable to hear the frantic calls, chased the crooks away into the darkness.

The family was frantic - their newly adopted dog was lost. The next day, they contacted the local humane society and animal shelter. After 48 hrs., they attempted to file a report for the missing dog, but the police did not want to help.

They tried to contact the local media, to share her heroic tale, as well as to get assistance in locating the lost dog. They were told by the media outlets that they could not run a story like that because of the stigma surrounding Pit Bulls.

Rescue Ink learned of the lost hero dog and they assisted the distraught family in their desperate search. Thankfully, after several days of searching and multiple postings of "lost dog" flyers being put up, Dolly was found.

It turns out that a neighbor had found the lost dog. She had taken her in after seeing her running loose. The neighbor was frightened for the dog's safety - apparently she had overheard some boys talking about capturing Dolly and using her for fighting.

When the neighbor saw the lost dog flyers, she called the owners and a happy reunion followed.

Dolly is an amazing dog. She courageously protected her family, even though that family was new to her. After just weeks in her new home, she may have literally saved her family's life.

Who knows what the people were capable of? To smash windows and kick in the doors of a home that is occupied is a bold move - perhaps desperate. Thankfully for Dolly, the Boltz family will never have to know what those people had in mind that night.
As for that local media that would not share Dolly's heroic tale due to her breed? They didn't hesitate to run 2 stories in the following weeks about Pit bull attacks. It would seem that they pick and choose what information they want the residents of the area to hear.

By: Penny Eims


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  1. The media only reports on what they think would get them viewers which in turn gets them more money. I think it's outrageous that they considers themselves news outlets but the only thing they care about is making money by hoping for video footage that they think will draw in viewers. Unfortunately good stories don't draw viewers so they tend to never report the good pit bull stories.

    The extreme drawback with this is that the only time they talk about pit bulls it's about fighting or attacks which in turn makes the jackass gangbangers all want to get one to abuse and fight.

    By the way I don't call any of these TV shows news anymore, it's "entertainment media." After all Anna Nicole Smith was worth hundreds of hours of coverage but a kid killed in Iraq isn't worth a single second.