"A breed of satin and steel. Pit bulls are a mixture of softness and strength, an uncanny canine combination of fun, foolishness, and serious business, all wrapped up in love."

-D. Caroline Coile

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pit Bull Found Sitting By Owner's Body After Tornado

When emergency workers in Amelia, Ohio discovered the body of Carol Forste on Friday, they say they found her faithful dog, still at her side.

Kush, Forste’s pit bull, somehow managed to survive the storm that killed his owner and best friend, and the vet treating him says the loss has crushed his spirit. He says one look into his eyes reveals shock and trauma from the incident.

“Kush would not leave her deceased body’s side…stood right next to her until they discovered her,” said Dr. Dan Meakin, Kush’s doctor.

Dr. Meakin explained that Carol’s death took a toll on Kush, and that for days, he refused food and water.

“Something like that really puts the fear into them, so it sometimes takes them a couple of days to they feel like eating again, but Kush is starting to take food with hand feeding,” Dr. Meakin explained.

The doctor originally thought that Kush would have to be put to sleep because of injuries he sustained, but plans have been made for surgery, and it appears that the long term prognosis is good.

“He’s ripped his ligaments which connects the lower bone the femur to the tibia and he’s broken it,” Dr. Meakin said.

In the meantime, the focus is on Kush’s emotional recovery, which D. Meakin said may take weeks.

“Kush is going to be fine, he’s probably going to mourn the loss of Carol for 30 days or so,” he said.

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  1. This made me cry... I don't understand how people can be so cruel to this amazing breed. I feel so sorry for this doggy :(

    I hate how people can be so ignorant >_<

  2. too bad i don't live closer or i would adopt this wonderful pooch.

  3. I can only hope Kosh finds a home whom will love him as much as he loved carol. I f I lived closer I would take him in a heart beat. God Bless all who survived man and dog.

  4. Have they gotten enough money to perform his surgery yet? There should be a donation fund for this poor guy-

  5. This is so indicative of this breeds love & loyalty. I hope I can find a home soon myself, so that I can adopt one of these wonderful dogs from their "shelter Prison". Then he/she can save me from mine. God Bless that breed.

  6. why are you people saying this is cruel to this amazing breed? Nothing in this story states he was abused or viciuos? He is in fright because his owner has passed. Poor pup :( I hope he finds a wonderful home! I wish there was a link we can donate :)

  7. I have no doubt that my dogs would be the same. I adopted two pitties from doggie jail and after the older dog died (she was in doggie jail for a year in a half at a no kill shelter), the younger dog mopped for months. Then she started sleeping all the time. I got another dog and now she is happy again. My husband has a hard time when the dogs die. I do too but the joy I get from them far outweighs the pain. My last pittie was kept in a kennel to have puppies and then they threw her away. It took a little adjustment when she had to learn to live in the house. She would walk by with a shoe and we had to tell her it wasn't hers. She always listened and never chewed them.

  8. this story is so awesome..i have 2 pits & i luv them very much.i think bsl is bullshit & the people that believe n it should hear more stories like this one..because this is how the breed really is so loving,trustworthy,loyal its such a shame so many have suffered or are going 2 suffer because of bsl.thank u 4 putting this story out there 2 let people really know how pitbulls are

  9. So sad, but not surprising. Pits are very loyal dogs. Prayers for Kush that he has a speedy recovery and a new owner who will help him through his ordeal.